the 21st Century, not just Sustainable but empowering Infrastructure to stop Climate Change


Climate Change is no threat.

It is an opportunity for empowering Planet Earth & Humankind, & for creating new, not just sustainable, but empowering  infrastructure in the form of 

Free & Abundant Water,

Limitless, Clean & Free Electrical Power,

New Surface Transport at high speeds of 250 to 1000 kilometers per hour,

Pollution free Environment

& abatement of 800 Trillion Tons of Carbon Emissions our forefathers have accumulated in the Atmosphere.


But the awareness which the UNFCCC led COP conferences and the recent COP-21 Conference at Paris have created is great. The efforts have to be massive and large scale.  Each country must simultaneously start a Program to stop 100% all Carbon emissions in about 10 years which should automatically lead to the taking out of the accumulated gases in the atmosphere in about 100 years.

We have such a Program.  44 years back, during 1972, we started R & D activities; the mission was to find a solution to the vagaries of Water, the liquid that sustains us on earth, on which rests all our hopes, aspirations but causes invariably each year despair in the form of floods & droughts, everywhere, all over the Earth.  Every nation, big & small, developed, developing underdeveloped countries is afflicted with the phenomena.  

We found a perfect solution, so far not known & not followed anywhere.  But the search led us to Electricity and then on to Transport and finally on to Pollution.  We had to find solutions in these fields as well to accomplish our mission. We found them.  During the tryst with destiny as it were, we had to propound new theories, new concepts, create new designs & architecture, invent new processes & methods, build new technologies & networks. We have done this, but largely in theory except for the experimentation.

We now offer them to the world at large to every country so that they can cut carbon emissions 100% within a period of 10 years. There is no need to stop Coal based power plants, and the use of other fossil fuels.  Countries can freely use them but with our technology to keep a clean environment.

We have a program to write 8 books, 4 in 2 series.  The first would be focused on India, our Alma mater titled 'One India, One Infrastructure' each book discussing the tryst & technologies on 1. Water 2. Power 3. Transport 4. Pollution. Similarly, 4 on the World Series titled 'One World, One Infrastructure', where we have extended the processes & methods applied to India. The COP awareness also led us to new series of books for each country, exclusive to such country where, the four infrastructures would be combined to transform the nations to Empowered, Dark Green, Smart Cities. 

Two books are published, both on India.  The first is titled "One India, One Infrastructure' Water, Volume 1 and the second book is titled "First Delhi, the national Capital, the entire State, One Empowered, Dark Green, Smart City & later, India, the entire Nation',  Both are published in USA and are available on line in both forms, hard copies and Electronic Versions.  Hard copies from Amazon and the Electronic from the publisher

We now offer the following projects to any  & every  Country, Agency or Authority of the Government, Corporations for their own use

1.Free, Clean, nil Carbon, limitless Electrical Power through any of the following processes

a. Renewable Energy through Roof Top Wind Turbines 100 KWs till 2 MWs anywhere & everywhere.

b. Renewable Energy through Solid Synthetic Biomass based Thermal Plants Net 50 MWs, could be upgraded to any capacity by retrofitting existing fossil Plants, but decentralized generation is the aim. Employment potential is great. Almost every unemployed person could be provided a permanent job.

c. Fossil Fuel based, Coal, Gas or Oil fired Thermal Plants; can take over existing plants & convert them into free, clean, Nil Carbon Electricity Generators.

2. Hydronets: This ensures flood free, drought free management of Country's Rain & Glacier waters, Channelized Rivers which always carry measured clean, fresh waters.  In case of shortage of rains, could ensure flow in the rivers through distillation of Ocean Waters.  For countries which have no rivers, Artificial Rivers flowing from distilled Ocean waters. Gas Flaring could be converted to Power & water generation.

3. TRANSNET-PPTS; Personalized Public Transport Systems; 2 phases under this arrangement;  Under the First Phase, Existing modes of surface transport like Trains, Buses, Cars, Three Wheeler, Two Wheeler, Bicycles, Animal Driven Vehicles would be reorganized to run under the new protocols which ensures greater speed, congestion free immediate transport, with no bottlenecks & Gridlocks.  Under the 2nd Phase we build new surface transport systems where vehicles are Capsules which transport people & Small Cargo up to 250 Kgs AT TWO SPEEDS 250 kilometers per hour in-city Speed and 1000 Kilometers per hour inter-city, national & International Transport. Clean Electricity based, fastest, automated, networked, direction based immediate transport,  People get into any and every waiting capsules at every stop-junction and travel immediately. The system expands Metropolitan Areas to 1000 kilometers in all the four directions, stops urban decay, brings about urban dispersion & Rural Equalization.

4. Air Pollution free, Sewage free & Waste Water free villages, entire Cities, Industrial Estates including large buildings, hotels & resorts.

5.Digitized, silent, unobtrusive, impregnable Internal Security Nets to prevent almost every crime & catch offenders immediately.  This provides security to any and every individual who is threatened or needs protection.

6.Digitized, all pervasive, Econometric Net revealing state of affairs of the economy, real time data on every economic activity to manage large economies.