the 21st Century, not just Sustainable but empowering Infrastructure to stop Climate Change

About Us

Who We Are 

During 1972, four of us started  a search. The initiator and the constant in the efforts is Mr.Faiyaz Muhammed Pasha.  The mission was to find a solution to the vagaries of water, more particularly to the droughts and floods which remorselessly bring in their wake every year despair. To-day more than 10,000 have either in the form of funds or ideas, actual stay & work, suggestions, opinions, expertise have contributed to the vast mass of knowledge gathered by us over a span of  44 years.  We are propounding new theories, new processes and methods for basic infrastructure viz., Water, Power, Transport & Environment. We have conceived, designed, developed new inventions and technologies for the purpose. All these projects need Governmental support which we have not been able to obtain in India.  However, during 2011, after the World Bank President warned about the Climate Change threats, we sent an application, in the form of PINs (Project Idea Note) where we undertook to stop & abate (sequestration & abatement) Carbon emissions to the extent of 30 billion tons each year from India alone and sought carbon funding of 150 billion US$ each year for 10 years from the Bank under their scheme 'Carbon Partnership Facility' (CPF). The Bank wrote back saying that they have reviewed our application and that the proposal is very large and they would fund only if the  the Government of India makes the proposal. It is strange.  Earlier, the UNFCCC, when it was distributing Kyoto funds during 2005 to 2012 we found after studying nearly 15000 pages of documentation, that it was more concerned about procedures than solving the actual problem. We found that to send a proposal to the Body, we had to have, apart from the knowledge in the form of technologies, a pocket money of at least 5 million US$! We wrote back to them making this objection. You can find that letter on the Internet against my name. It is not possible to understand why Agencies Local, National and International involved in fighting the Climate Change are more interested in procedures then actual action. 

However, We sent copies of the PINS (copies of PINs were already with them) and copies of the correspondence with the Bank to the Prime Minister's and the Finance Minister's and the country's national Planning Commission.  But nothing happened.  The State & Federal Government in India have their own programs and priorities and that must have made them very busy. Thus, we were stuck.  

We decided that we must bring or put the gamut of of our knowledge in the public awareness. Therefore, We started writing books on above infrastructures.  8 books are planned; four for India, one each on Water, Power, Transport & Pollution Removal; we call this set of four books, the India Series; and a second set of such books for the entire world, which we call the World series.  The first book, titled, 'One India, One Infrastructure' Water, Volume 1 with a subtitle 'free & abundant,everywhere' is published in US during 2014 and is available on all Amazon websites. The electronic version is available from the publisher, from the e-store. We are now working on its sibling in the world series titled 'One World, One Infrastructure', Water, Volume 1 with the subtitle 'free & abundant. everywhere'. Indian Editions of the books are available with us.

However, the UNFCCC and the COP conferences particularly the COP-21 at Paris have succeeded in highlighting the awareness about Climate Change(CC) to an outstanding level. We took a detour here because writing of the books as earlier planned,would take much more time.  And the Government of India, was taking irrelevant measures in fighting CC threats evethough our proposal to the World Bank was lying with them, where we have undertaken the responsibility of stopping and abating  30 billion tons Carbon emissions in 10 years. Please remember that 30 billion Tons was the estimated world over carbon emissions in 2011. Therefore, we decided to put in a precis form the four books material into one book and wrote & published the following book for the COP-21 conference, where this book was to be distributed to the delegates.  The book is titled 'First Delhi, the national Capital, the entire State, One Empowered, Dark Green, Smart City, and later India, the entire Nation'. The distribution as planned did not take place evethough the book had been published before the Conference. We informed the secretariat at the UNFCCC by an email about the book but did not receive any response.  The book discusses, the entire gamut of technologies with us and which can be employed to stop the threatened CC in every country. We intend to write for each country a similar book as the one titled above which would delineate the CC program for each country which cuts carbon emissions 100% in 10 years. This will make the present polluted Planet Earth in to a Planet of Empowered, Dark Green and Smart cities. This is the mission.

We now propose to approach each country with the proposal to cut carbon emissions 100% in 10 years.  

Why Us?

We are not rich by money, resources and people but we are the only group who started earlier, about 44 years back when there was no awareness of Climate Change and we are perhaps the only group which holds the entire corps of knowledge required to stop the CC. And perhaps, looking at the decisions taken at the COP-21 conference, we are the only one who claim that we can stop carbon emissions 100% from every country in about 10 years.

The two books which we have published in this respect, where the focus is India, delineate the methods and processes which could be effectively, immediately whipped  in to actions across all nations and CC stopped, but the battle has to be long, about 100 years, to take out the already accumulated carbon emissions in the atmosphere. Come, we  talk in the spirit of one humanity.  Our forefathers, whosoever they were, were responsible for the accumulated gases.  Let us stop fighting in the name of Developed, Developing and Under developed nations. Let us get together & undo the mischief.  

The estimated 800 trillion Tons of Carbon emissions in the atmosphere are a sword hanging on everyone's neck ready to slice the bodies. Before they mingle with our rains, which bring us our sustenance, and turn the entire waters into Carbonic acid, join us in stopping the demons.