the 21st Century, not just Sustainable but empowering Infrastructure to stop Climate Change

Paris Pledge

Arslan Scientific, Physical & Industrial Research has joined L’Appel de Paris / the Paris Pledge for Action [link:] to support the global call from [business/ cities/ civil society groups/ investors/ regions/ trade unions] for a credible, coherent and unmistakable signal that the Paris Agreement will be implemented and commitments met, or even better, exceeded. As business,,but not exactly business, we realize that dangerous climate change threatens our ability and the ability of future generations to live and thrive in a peaceful and prosperous world. We also realize that taking strong action to reduce emissions can not only reduce the risks of climate change but also deliver better growth and sustainable development. Our support for the Paris Pledge for Action affirms our strong commitment to a safe and stable climate in which temperature rise is limited to below 2 degrees Celsius.

We urge other [business/ cities/ civil society groups/ investors/ regions/ trade unions] to show their support for strong action on climate change and join the Paris Pledge for Action [link:]

In our pursuit to take action in this regard, we are knocking at every opportunity; We invite all members of the Paris group to join us with their resources in first, cutting Carbon Emissions 100% from every country in the next 10 to 12 years by building not just sustainable but empowering infrastructure, not just for ourselves but for all others who come after us, our children. Second, in drawing out the emissions accumulated and hovering on our heads. To a World Bank appeal captioned  ‘Consultations: We are Planning Our Support for Tunisia and We Need Your Help’, we have sent a proposal incorporating all our technologies which will employ immediately One million unemployed habitants in that small country of 10+ million population and hold it together in the face of threats & insurgencies. We look forward, in great & humble earnest, the engineering of this project.  updated  on 6th August, 2016