the 21st Century, not just Sustainable but empowering Infrastructure to stop Climate Change


This is a page from the 2nd book; the title of the book is, ' First Delhi, the national Capital, the entire State, One Empowered, Dark Green, Smart City & Later, India, the entire nation.'  These are the technologies which are going to be utilized for converting all of India into One Empowered, Dark Green, Smart City.  

In the page, the technologies are classified under three heads; 1. the Empowering Technologies; which provide Water, Energy & Transport of the most advanced nature to the fullest extent and during the process enable full employment to everyone able, everywhere.  The technologies are called, the Hydronet,  the Transnet & the Energy Net based on a new theory of Infrastructure called 'Approximate Regular Straight Line Aligned Automated Network' which we propound for the modern world.  2. the Dark Green or the Environment Technologies. They are engineered to keep always  Waters which quench our thirst & provide us our food & the Air which we breathe every moment, clean & pure. The technologies are Liquefaction, Distillation & Photosynthesis, in scale,  scope & methods, unparalleled in human history. There is the new Sewage Technology which will close all sewage at the point of origin; the greening of Deserts Technology; cultivation on barren lands  etc.,  3) the Smart Technologies, I&CT in a new Avatar, the entire Earth digitized every square meter, which will provide an impregnable, unobtrusive, silent internal security Net, a Distribution & Disaster Management Net, an Econometric Net but above all a Communication Net - fast, secure & dependable.  

For more details on the technologies, one has to go through the book.

Again, for still more details to the parent books in the India Series and the World Series where only one, from the India Series, on Water, is available.  The others are being written. This would take time.

However, we invite every country, interested in achieving 100% emission cuts in the next 10 years to commission us to write a similar book on their country, where projects explaining how their capital city first would be converted into an Empowered, Dark Green, Smart City and later the entire country would be told and narrated succinctly.

Try to study the slides attached under the Paris Pledge page.  The slides are in respect of methodologies & processes for  Air pollution removal & generation of limitless, clean electrical energy. Slides in respect of Water & Transport will be attached in due course.